Circa 2013, when Mr. Gupta stepped into the real estate world

The real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion in market size by 2030, up from US$ 200 billion in 2021, and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. Already the third-largest sector to bring about economic growth, the real estate industry is expected to continue its upward trajectory in 2022.

The real estate sector in India is set to experience around 5% capital value growth in 2022 in the residential segment. Certain projections state that the sales momentum is expected to increase in 2022 as prospective homebuyers will continue to prefer bigger homes, better amenities and attractive pricing will keep them interested in sealing the deals.

A number of initiatives have been undertaken by the Government of India with the hope of incentivizing real estate purchases.

Why invest in Urban Axis?

We have often heard people say that “landlords become rich in their sleep”. While investing in real estate, your risk is minimized by the length of time one holds the property.

Our experience in the development of residential spaces has not just enriched our know-how of the building trade but has also let us be a witness to people’s progress with a change in lifestyle.

We make homes that make our customers want to come home after striving for the ‘more’ that they want from life. We look at this as a huge responsibility to be able to create such spaces for the people that will measure up to all their current and future aspirations; thus, increasing the value of the homes for better returns.

The per year returns for our investors have been over 16% for Urban Woods in a span of 4 years and 17% for Luvnest in a span of 3 years, compared to the single-digit return of the industry.

Property in Lucknow

Why does Urban Axis offer a better ROI?

We craft our developments after careful consideration of the points mentioned below:

Value for Money

At Urban Axis, our projects are designed not just to boast about luxurious amenities, but also to keep in mind their sustainability and maintenance from the residents’ point of view. It is only after a careful review that we pick out the finest products that constitute the amenities in our projects so that what’s made beautiful stays beautiful in the years to come.

Accessibility of the Location

Every project by Urban Axis is developed after the assessment of its accessibility to utilities such as schools, hospitals, recreational places, convenience stores, etc. We consider the basic development scenario in the location to ensure electricity and water supplies and supporting infrastructure such as roads, bridges, transportation etc. These factors make the location liveable at the same time render value for the appreciation to our projects.

Returns on Investment

Be it for self-use or as an investment, our homes are priced to give optimum value to our clients. Our rates are always at par with other developers in the location, however, a careful study will show you that with Urban Axis, you always get more for the same price. Hence, our projects fetch appreciated returns over time.