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Real Estate vs Other Investments:

Real estate investing may be a wise choice for long-term objectives like wealth accumulation and the generation of passive income. Aside from potential value growth, rental income, tax advantages, and the chance to leverage your investment by using borrowed funds to buy Lucknow real estate, real estate investing can provide several benefits.

However, there are risks associated with real estate investing as well, including market fluctuations, vacancy rates, maintenance costs, and the potential for unforeseen costs.

Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles may also be able to provide potential returns on investment. Since these investments typically require less initial capital than real estate investments, they may be more affordable to a wider range of investors.

The best investment plan will be determined by your unique financial objectives, level of risk tolerance, and overall financial situation. It’s critical to do your homework, carefully weigh your options, and consult a financial expert before making investment decisions. Your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial situation, among other things, will all influence whether you choose to invest in real estate in Urban Axis as opposed to other types of investments. Consider the following pros and cons: 

Real Estate Pros:

  1. Prospect of Long-Term Appreciation: In the past, real estate values have risen over time, which can offer a strong return on investment if you keep the property for a long period.
  2. Working Capital: Rent payments from real estate properties can generate a consistent flow of income, which is a dependable form of passive income.
  3. Risk Elimination: Adding real estate investments to your financial portfolio can help spread out your portfolio’s risk. 

Real Estate Cons:

  1. Substantial Entry Barriers: The costs involved with maintaining a property can quickly mount up, and real estate can be costly to buy.
  2. Competitive Risk: Economic conditions can have an effect on the real estate market and cause fluctuations that could result in losses.
  3. Selling Hassle: Since real estate is a less liquid investment than other types of assets, it can be difficult to sell fast if you need money.

Other Investments Pros:

  1. Better Cashflow: Many investment types, including stocks and bonds, are very liquid, allowing you to rapidly trade them if you suddenly need money.
  2. Diversification: Your financial portfolio can be diversified by investing in a variety of assets, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. 
  3. Ease of access: Online platforms offer a wide range of investment choices, making it simple for new investors to start.

Other Investments Cons:

  1. Risk Premium: Similar to real estate, other investments are affected by economic conditions and market fluctuations.
  2. Fluctuation: Certain investment categories, such as stocks, may be exceedingly volatile, which can result in sizable short-term losses.
  3. Lower Returns: Bonds, for example, may offer longer-term yields that are lower than those of real estate.

In general, your circumstances and financial objectives will determine whether you should invest in real estate or another type of investment in 2023. It’s crucial to weigh the risks and potential rewards of each option, and if required, obtain professional advice. Yet, the best investment option with a high return on investment is still to invest in a town or region that is experiencing economic growth. One of Lucknow’s prominent locations is Sushant Golf City which is a real estate hotspot in making. The value of the property situated here are soared by 33.2%. Check out the Best in Class developed luxury apartment Urban Woods Phase 1 by top real estate developer in Lucknow, Urban Axis Infratech Limited, at Sushant Golf City, Lucknow, and invest in the city of growth and the future. 

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Advantages of Owning a House Over Renting in Lucknow

A house is much more than just four walls and a roof. It ignites a range of emotions and thoughts in us. For some, it’s a sense of security; for others, it is about comfort and for others, it is a symbol of status and success. But there is also another aspect of the home to contend with. It has to do with numbers. The monetary aspect is also important as buying a house is often the biggest financial transaction in an average Indian’s life. Rent or buy is a decision that many struggles with.



When you own your own 2&3 bhk flat, you are in control. You don’t have to deal with the landlord; whether it’s minor repairs or a complete renovation of your entire home, rental living is a pain in many ways. You are dependent on the landlord for water, electricity, maintenance and almost everything else. We at Urban Axis-best real estate company in Lucknow, effectively take care of your home and its upkeep so you can relax.


When you buy a home, you give your family their own space; home. At the end of a long day at work with a tiring commute and constant stress, returning to your own nest brings a sense of security and comfort that is simply irreplaceable. After all, there’s no place like “home” where you can truly be at ease and be yourself. With modern amenities, lush greenery and picturesque architecture, Urban Axis – an affordable 2BHK flats in Lucknow are a perfect place to be called home and keep your mood uplifted.


Owning your own home eliminates the fear and anxiety about the possibility of early termination of the lease by the landlord. In addition, you don’t have to worry about renewing the rental agreement every year and repeatedly negotiating the rent. Process of buying a home with Urban Axis is seamless, you can be at ease for a lifetime as we do the all the one time paper work for you.


Rent is an expense and the general tendency is to reduce expenses. Therefore, you may end up compromising on several aspects such as location, size and amenities. On the other hand, buying a house ensures that the property you choose will meet your expectations. Perfect location, best in class infrastructure and a bouquet of modern amenities awaits at Urban Axis – premium yet affordable flats in Lucknow, so you don’t have to compromise on anything.


Owning your dream home is now easier with the availability of easy financing options. You don’t have to wait until your 40s and 50s to save up for your dream home. You can buy it in your 20s and be the proud owner of a fully paid-off home in your 50s or even sooner. You need to be judicious in choosing a home loan provider who can offer you the flexibility to manage your home loan repayments by tailoring your home loan EMI to suit your current and future income. Urban Axis provides you easy EMI options. We have tie ups with best banks that makes your process hassle free and easy.


Your home loan principal and interest payments will bring you attractive tax credits. And remember, renting is more expensive than just the rent you pay. Your costs are higher because you don’t earn any interest on the deposit amount paid to the landlord (which is quite high in premium locations) for the duration of the lease. Urban Axis – an affordable 2BHK flats in Lucknow don’t just build you a house; we also provide you with financial advice and direction so you can enjoy the moment.


Instead of paying rent, which is a net expense, you can pay the home loan EMIs, building your wealth over time. Effectively, with every EMI you pay, your equity in your home grows. Urban Woods by Urban Axis is located in one of Lucknow’s upscale neighbourhood, Sushant Golf City, where your home value will only increase, generating a substantial return for you and thus in return creating an equity.


When you are likely to live in a particular city for a long time, it makes sense to buy a house to give you a sense of belonging and permanence. You can identify with the city and its lifestyle. You feel like you have finally settled down in life. In addition, real estate prices usually increase over the long term. Buying a home means you also increase your wealth over time. Delaying the purchase of a property will result in having to invest a higher amount (in addition to paying rent for a longer period). Finding a trustworthy real estate agent who can assist a buyer with every step of the house buying process, from selecting an apartment to obtaining financing and finalising the deal, is rather challenging, we at Urban Axis – best developers in Lucknow, understand the joy of owning a home and making an emotional invest we assist you closely so you can live peacefully.

But deciding whether or not to buy a house also depends on the disadvantages. So after reading the advantages of buying a new home over renting, here are some disadvantages of owning your own home.

High initial costs

Mortgage closing costs can range from (a percentage will come) of the purchase price and include various fees such as property taxes, mortgage insurance, home inspections, registration, taxes, first-year homeowner’s insurance and interior. Payback for these expenses can take up to (how many years).

Less mobility

If one of the perks of home ownership is stability, accepting an enticing job offer that requires you to pack up and relocate may require some extra thought. Counterbalancing this fear, however, is the speed with which properties are being sold.

Maintenance costs

Bending over to fit under the kitchen sink to fix a leak is a thrill for many first-timers. But when you own a home, you’re the first line of defence when it comes to repairs—especially if you want to save money by doing them yourself. Some subjects require the help of an expert. Not only will you be sweating until the AC is fixed, but you’ll also be writing a check to get the cold air flowing again.


It is clear that in this case, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And no matter how you look at the subject of rental vs purchase makes a lot of sense. Buying a home appears to be an attractive proposition with increased affordability due to higher income levels, higher disposable income, availability of simple and creative financing options and tax benefits.

If you are looking for projects in Lucknow and want to buy your own house, then you should check out Urban Axis projects in Urban Wood Phase-1 & Luvnest. The lavish 2 & 3 BHK apartments are straight out of your dreams and will fit under your budget. These properties are some of the finest in North India and come with an array of amenities and unlimited luxury. If you want to buy a house in Lucknow, visit