Shayna_Foundation Affordable_house_in_lucknow
Shayna Foundation, a sister company of the real estate major Urban Axis Infratech Limited, said it is looking at building affordable homes to fulfill the demand for middle-income housing and help achieve their aspirations.

To give impetus to nation-building and to provide the middle class with affordable housing, K. B. Gupta and IIT Roorkee alumnus Shashank Gupta, launched Shayna Foundation in 2021, a non-profit real estate housing enterprise. The foundation believes that for every individual buying a house is a dream come true.

The projects of Shayna Foundation are situated in a few of the fastest-growing cities of Uttar Pradesh which include, Lucknow, and Meerut.

Shayna Foundation was ideated with a mission to contribute positively to India’s ever evolving infrastructural development. An impact that will not only empower its citizen towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle but also safeguard the society and environment.

Being the first not-for-profit housing company of India, Shayna Foundation, aims to expand to all major cities of Uttar Pradesh, delivering around 500,000 modern homes in next 15 years.

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