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Shayna Foundation, the first not-for-profit housing company of India, is on a mission to provide affordable housing to working-class members of our society. The Foundation strives to deliver houses at a 25%-30% cheaper rate compared to the market price.

Every individual has a different set of dreams and aspirations, however, there is a common dream we all aspire to achieve: A dream of owning a home we can call our own.

Shayna Foundation, a sister company of the real estate major Urban Axis Infratech Limited, said it is looking at building affordable homes to fulfill the demand for middle-income housing and help achieve their aspirations. Urban Axis is a prominent name in building premium living spaces in Uttar Pradesh.

The foundation believes that for every individual buying a house is a dream come true. When you buy a house, not only do you secure your own future, but also of your loved ones. Owning a house can provide great joy, happiness, security and the peace of mind one deserves. However, this aspiration is often overshadowed due to financial constraints and huge ownership cost.

To give impetus to nation-building and to provide the middle class with affordable housing, Mr. K. B. Gupta and IIT Roorkee alumnus Mr. Shashank Gupta, launched Shayna Foundation in 2021, a non-profit real estate housing enterprise. The team strives to deliver houses at 25%-30% cheaper prices.

While this unprecedented move being the first of its kind has immensely disrupted the market and has made the competition rethink, what is to come and how these budget homes will affect their projects and profits.

This increased market dynamism perfectly shows how the market is closely controlled by a few and a constant gap between demand-supply is practiced, affecting the prices inevitably.

The projects of Shayna Foundation are situated in a few of the fastest-growing cities of Uttar Pradesh which include Lucknow, and Meerut. The projects would consist of 2BHK and 3BHK apartments along with all amenities.

“With property prices in the city unaffordable for most, we wanted to create a product that is not only accessible to the middle class but also offers the entire conveniences one would expect in a modern development.” said Mr. Shashank Gupta, Executive Chairman, and Managing Director.

“As more people migrate to cities due to rapid urbanization and increased nuclearisation, the affordable housing segment will remain strong. We plan to penetrate further into the market as we feel these families will predominantly prefer to own a house. Owning over renting, is a strong phenomenon that will stay in the near future. Hence, strengthening our purpose of providing affordable housing for those with limited income,” he added.

Shayna Foundation was ideated with a mission to contribute positively to India’s ever evolving infrastructural development. An impact that will not only empower its citizen towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle but also safeguard the society and environment.

“Shayna Foundation believes that home ownership now, will no more be just a dream, but a reality for many Indian families in the coming decade. We are offering 2BHK and 3BHK houses with amenities like a swimming pool, recreational area, and a club, among many others,” said Mr. B. Gupta, Group Chairman.

“The Foundation has in a short span of time covered enormous ground, thereby establishing its place as a leading real estate developer in India. While our growth story is rooted in facts and figures, our legacy will be built on a strong reputation of excellence in residential and gated community developments. This is why, even during these challenging times, we remain deeply committed to our mission to provide affordable housing to middle class at a competitive price” he added.

Shayna Foundation is determined to further improve the urban landscape and will leave no stone unturned to fulfill the dream of the masses.

The company aims to design affordable homes for first-time buyers who are in rental and want to buy their first home for themselves and their loved ones. Shayna Foundation also aims at providing amenities in this affordable housing segment to improve the quality of life for one and all.

Being the first not-for-profit housing company of India, Shayna Foundation, aims to expand to all major cities of Uttar Pradesh, delivering around 500,000 modern homes in next 15 years.

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